Sunday, July 7, 2013

Canvasing Opinion for Ludophilia IV Nickname and Site

Okay Ludophiliacs, we need to start thinking about next year - what are we going to give as a name for Ludophilia IV?  Last year was "Ludophilia III - Bazinga!". The year before - "Ludophilia II - the Revenge".

Also, just as important, we need to see if people were satisfied with the venue.  We just about hit capacity on Friday and Saturday.  If we keep spreading the good word, and our attendance grows.... we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Leave suggestions in the comments, please.


  1. Don't forget that our room this year is about 50% larger than our previous room, though! I'm hoping that'll keep us going for another year or two at least!

  2. I thought Ludophilia II was "This time it's serious" -- I think that's a perfect tagline, anyway.

  3. Ludophilia IV - Escape from Schaumburg?